A'reve was created for like-minded individuals.
It was born from a need for aesthetics, quality, and versatility.

We are nonchalant.

We are A'reve.

Our history comes from the roots of creativity and authenticity.
It’s a brand that’s bred by the lifestyles of a blend of personalities.

High performance training, a calming yoga session, a brisk morning run,
a day at the office, or a sunday stroll.

A'reve is situational, defining, and effortless.

When creating A'reve, we wanted to produce athletic gear meant for everyday use.
It is for those who aspire for more, but know when to slow down.
A'reve is athletic gear done best.


Our logo symbolizes our family. It is a representation that as individuals we have our own personalities, weaknesses, strengths, and passions; However, together we support one another to create a balance and dynamic that represent us as siblings, together we are a whole.  Ambitious, affectionate, crazy from time-to-time, but above all – committed to each other and to our passion.

A’reve is a representation of this energy and bond. It began as an idea but it has grown to be a part of what we want to bring and promote in this world: live healthy, focus on growth, put in the work, be kind, give love, and treat yourself to the things that bring happiness and a sense of achievement to your life.